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Advanced Blockchain AG

Connecting the world with
Distributed Ledger Technology
Software Engineering
Advanced Blockchain AG develop Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) software for businesses in a variety of industries. They guide companies from the concept phase, through design, development and implementation of DLT software, built to suit 
specific needs.
The first step to delivering solutions that leverage some of the most promising technologies of our time is helping those who need them understand how the technology works, what it can do and how they can benefit.
To take full advantage of DLT you need a well-rounded understanding of what exists, how it works and how it can be tailored to suit different use-cases for organisations in different industries. Advanced Blockchain AG do their utmost to stay ahead of the curve in this respect.
Strategic Investments
Advanced Blockchain AG’s team use their combined decades of experience in the industry to help projects gain market recognition and develop into sound companies eager to take the positive potential of DLT to the world.

Advanced Blockchain AG’s Mission

To bring the many benefits of this revolutionary technology
to the world, one project at a time.
Smart Home Telecommunications IT Smart City Logistics Automotive Healthcare Manufacturing Aviation Energy is a Berlin-based company focusing on education and research on Distributed Ledger Technologies, with a special focus on blockchain alternatives such as DAG technology. The team is comprised of forward-thinking crypto-enthusiasts with a passion for all things DLT. They understand its immense potential to shape our world and do their best to help others understand it too. also makes strategic investments in the crypto-space.
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How does it work?
Which industries will DLT disrupt?
What will it change?
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Where is it going? Founder | peaq Initiator

Robert A. Küfner
Author / Founder
Robert A. Küfner is widely regarded as the face of the crypto world in Germany, featuring in major financial media across the country. Robert has been a part of the cryptocurrency scene from the early days. He’s watched it grow from a grassroots movement to a market worth close to a trillion in late 2017, and all the violent collapses in between. Founder of the first publicly listed firm in Europe to focus solely on DLT, Robert has always been one step ahead of the game. He was one of the first to invest in Ethereum, he’s the founder of Berlin-based DLT firm and is also an advisor to Advanced Blockchain AG.

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