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The New Chain on the Block

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) has the potential to revolutionise industries, create entirely new markets and business models and even change the way we interact on a fundamental level. Yet to many, DLT begins and ends with blockchain.

Here at peaq we’ve opted for a different approach. We’re using a new breed of blockchain. A chain without the blocks - and we’re taking Distributed Ledger Technology to the peak of its potential.

the peaq protocol
peaq is built on DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) Technology rather than blockchain. The peaq DAG is a smart-contract enabled Distributed Ledger Technology base-layer which retains the secure functionality and immense potential of blockchain technology while improving in areas such as scalability, transaction fees, quantum- resistance, energy consumption and ability to conduct micro and nano transactions.

The next generation of
Distributed Ledger Technology


Bitcoin and the first blockchain are born.

Smart Contracts

Ethereum introduces us to the smart contract.

Directed Acylic Graph

The DAG concept goes mainstream.

DAG Smart Contracts

peaq unleashes smart contract potential.

A New Standard

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No Mining
There are no blocks to be mined on the peaq DAG and subsequently no need for miners or mining equiptment.
Highly Scalable
The more transactions sent on the peaq DAG, the faster they’re confirmed. Throughtput grows as activity increases.
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Low Transaction Fees
Since there is no need to incentivise miners with block rewards, there is no need to charge users high transaction fees.
Micro Transactions
Low transaction fees make the use of DLT possible in situations where traditional blockchains are not feasible.

Industry Application

Real world application of the peaq protocol will be fast-tracked by Advanced Blockchain AG. Advanced Blockchain AG are the main company behind the peaq project and represent a direct portal for real-world application of the peaq protocol.

Developed by

German publicly listed Distributed Ledger Technology software development company.
Berlin based Distributed Ledger Technology research and education company.

Our Advisors

Michael Jackson
Partner at Mangrove Capital Partners
Very few VCs invest early in companies that exit worth billions. Fewer do it more than once. Michael Jackson forms part of this group. He’s best known for his work with Skype, having had a big hand in building the company up and selling it to Microsoft for $8.5 billion. Michael is a Partner at Venture Capital firm Mangrove Capital Partners, a Director at AXA Insurance UK, Director at Volvo Cars AB and Director at Blockchain, the largest provider of cryptocurrency wallets world-wide.
Robert A. Küfner
DLT Pioneer, Author, Founder
Robert has been a part of the cryptoworld since the turn of the decade. He’s the founder of the first publicly-listed company in Europe to focus solely on DLT and was one of the first to invest in the Ethereum crowdsale. He has since gone to found and initiate the peaq project. Robert is also the author of Das Krypto-Jahrzent and an Advisor to Advanced Blockchain AG.
Stas Oskin
Core Dev and Biz Dev at
Stas is responsible for architecture design, R&D and biz-dev for the DAO platform for the Wings Foundation. Stas also co-founded Neo IT Solutions Ltd where he serves as CTO. He has years of experience in IT engineering, development and management of enterprise products. Stas also participated in multiple high-profile software projects, consulting organizations such as BeeContact, Dead Sea Labs, and the Ministry of Defense, and was a co-founder of Comoona, the first Israeli social network.
Sebastian Stupurac
Project & Product Manager at
Sebastian is a co-founder of the Wings Foundation, a successful crowd powered evaluation, funding promotion, and early adopter engagement for ICOs. He is also the CEO of ChainLab, a Tel Aviv based company focused on bringing blockchain technology mainstream. Sebastian has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience in the fields of decentralized solutions and blockchain technology, having been in the space since as early as 2013.
Oron Snir
Blockchain Investment, Mangrove Capital Partners
Oron spent over two years as Business Development Director at BDO-l2l, an Indo-Israeli business consulting and investment firm, before moving on to Mangrove Capital Partners where he’s leading investments in the Blockchain space.
Michael Ludwig
Software Engineer & Mathematician
Michael is a software engineer with an M.Sc. Business Mathematics in Combinatorial Optimization & Graph Algorithms from the Technical University of Berlin. He has over 10 years of consulting experience in the field of cloud services and enterprise business application platforms.

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