Our mission is simple

There is no blockchain base-layer good enough for corporate mass adoption yet. Be the first.
After two years of research and development, we have the answer.

Next Generation
Distributed Ledger Technology

A protocol forged from years of research, development and close collaboration with industry leaders. A project whose inception dates back to early 2017 and whose founders have been in the blockchain space for close to a decade. A team who avoided the temptation of a get-rich-quick ICO to focus on building a solid product that would have a tangible impact. A vision for an efficient, decentralised base-layer technology which can finally bridge the corporate world with the technology’s vast potential. A new breed of Distributed Ledger Technology.
Unique DAGChain Architecture
Two years in the making, our DAG-blockchain hybrid base-layer technology will underpin both our decentralised public network as well as our enterprise products.
Novel Consensus Algorithm
Our AI powered, decentralised, fully transparent algorithm follows best practices of Byzantine Fault Tolerance by Tendermint, Optimisation Methods and elements of Proof-of-Stake.
New Enterprise Products
Simple yet powerful. Innovative yet familiar. Our enterprise products are built to be easy to use and easy to integrate, no matter how cutting edge the tech under the hood is.
Future Proof Technology
Quantum resistant. No mining. Distributed computing power. Smart contracts can be programmed in any programming language supporting Protocol Buffers.

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